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A Noble Private School

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Isn't  It Time To Get The High School Diploma You Need?

Established in 2009, A Noble Private School is a nationally accredited
private school serving students residing in the United States and around
the world.  A Noble Private School delivers high-quality, well-supported
education, based on Christian principles and practices that combine:
academic rigor, flexibility; and a strong support network to ensure the
success of our students.
Students who require help in specific academic areas are actively
encouraged to participate in our on-campus tutorial program.  At A Noble
Private School our principal focus is in the area of off-campus or "distant-
learning."  Our faculty and staff ensure a personalized experience by
voluntarily alternating days for on-campus interaction as well as over-the-
phone and on-line guidance with both students and parents.

A Noble Private School fits your lifestyle with flexible off-campus courses
that you can complete at anytime from anywhere in the world. Our
distance-learning curriculum gives you the flexibility you need to study
wherever and whenever  you want. In addition to flexibility, A Noble
Private School provides academic structure through a Christian inspired off-
campus curriculum.  A Noble Private School offers fully accredited online as
well as workbook based curriculum and a GED training for those students
seeking help with preparing for  the GED test.

All of A Nobles' off-campus academic courses are aligned to meet Texas
State as well as United States Department of Education national
standards and utilizes a format that makes learning more enjoyable.
Earning Your High School Diploma or GED from A Noble Private School
can help you to:                                                   


Whatever your reason, A Noble Private School can help you.

From our self-paced work at home program, to our National/International distant-learning program, we have what you need to achieve your academic goals.

No need to quit your current job.

Scholarships and payment plans are now available.

The job market has become more demanding than ever before and employers are looking for quality employees that they can count on.

Show your next employer that you have what it takes to succeed; Get your high school diploma now!  We can help you!
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Get that better job
Attend College
Start a new trade
Provide a better lifestyle for your family